芋頭椰子雪糕餅 Vegan

作者: Grace Wong

gk 廚房創作。素食姐弟品嘗…..至愛之選。Created in the gk Kitchen. Tasted by the Vegan Sibs.


芋頭 300克
椰子肉 500 克
龍舌草蜜 3-4 湯匙
喜馬拉雅鹽 少許
雜果仁 (壓碎)1手掌

1. 將所有材料,除了果仁,全部放入攪拌機攪至幼滑。放一旁。
2. 在蛋糕或果凍模底下放入少許碎果仁。
3. 再將芋頭椰子漿倒入模內。放入冰格內冰三小時或過夜。
4. 倒出來5分鐘後便可享用。



Taro coconut ice cream cake

Taro 300g
Coconut meat 500g
Agave syrup 3-4 tbs
Himalaya salt A pinch
Mixed nuts (crushed) A handful

1. Put all ingredients, except the nuts, into a blender and blend until smooth and creamy. Put aside.
2. Sprinkle over bottoms of small cake or jelly molds with mixed nuts.
3. Pour taro mixture over nuts. Put into freezer for 3 hours or overnight to set.
4. Pop out ice cream cakes. Let sit for 5 minutes and enjoy.

Grace Wong

關於 Grace Wong

Grace Wong是註冊言語治療師,兩個孩子的母親。她熱愛分享健康食品和飲食的知識,她成為素食者已超過22年,親身體驗了素食和生食生活帶來的益處。
//Grace Wong is a registered Speech and Language Pathologist and a mother of two. She is passionate about sharing her knowledge of choosing healthy food and eating healthily. Grace has been a vegetarian/vegan for over 22 years and has personally experienced the many benefits of vegetarianism, veganism and the raw food lifestyle.